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bias cut

“bias-cut” are Thomas Adl-Amini (mr.adl / producer) and Oliver Beinstingel (DJ Blueglasses). Born in 1976 and 1977 in Wuerzburg and Kiel they found each other in 2007 living in the very same house with apartments situated vis-à-vis, but one floor apart (so, if you drew a line between the two apartments you would get an oblique line (like a slash: / ) So to speak the apartments are “bias-cut”, thus the name They two guys got in touch with each other when mr.adl accepted a package of records for DJ Blueglasses from the postman, while Oliver wasn’t at home (yes, he handed it over to him ;-) )They soon had a first session where they produced their first Track. After this it was clear that this was going to be a long term thing...DJ Blueglasses started in 1990 with Hip Hop and since 2000 he has more and more got into electronic music. He considers himself as an “Afterhour DJ”, but he has also played in the “Soundbar” of the Disco “Airport” in Germany. This club is well known all over the world.The name “Blueglasses” refers to his blue colored glasses which he wears during every has been a DJ since 1996, but he started as a producer of Progressive House / Techhouse / electronic tracks in 2002. He soon stopped DJing and devoted himself completely to producing music. “adl" refers to his family name “Adl-Amini”, which is Iranian and means “trustworthy”.“bias-cut” has also released tracks at Total Wipes (Italy) and (Argentina), Jetlagdigital (Germany), Substudio records (Italy), Ecotech Records (Slovenia), Asymetric Records (Israel) and more.



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